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The Traverse City Track Club is proud to host the annual Remembrance Run/Walk. It began as a conversation between friends during a New Year’s Eve party many years ago and has grown from there. We wanted to put on a Women’s Only event, have the money raised go to breast cancer research, and a fund for women who needed help when challenged with this disease. At the time there was not a local fund that could assist women with non-medical financial needs. It was decided that our energies to raise money would be focused on a fund devoted to local women. We felt it was important for the money we raised to stay in our region to help women in our local communities.

In response to our fund-raising, Munson Medical Center agreed to develop and administer the fund. This was the birth of the Women’s Cancer Fund. Since then many local organizations have taken part in fund raising for this very worthy cause. But only the women of the Traverse City Track Club can say they had a hand in the development of this fabulous fund. Many of us worked in the healthcare system and see this fund working on a daily basis. We personally refer women and see them benefit from this fund. We watch their tears flow as they receive money to get their rent paid because they can no longer work during treatment, or pay for transportation to receive treatment. Many are able to get a prosthesis because of this fund. There are countless stories of how women are assisted. All of them are positive and heart warming.

We are tremendously proud to say we have a hand in assisting these women. We continue to work hard each year to support the Women’s Cancer Fund. To date, over 725 women have been assisted with financial support from this fund–the average need being approximately $600. A total of $450,000 has been granted to cover expenses these women have incurred during their battles with cancer. In 2009, 100 women were assisted with grants totaling $46,000. This is a substantial increase from previous years as needs continue to rise. In just six years (2007-12), through the support of our dedicated sponsor Bill Marsh Auto Group and participants of the Remembrance Run/Walk, we donated $150,682 to this fund. Please go to the Women’s Cancer Fund for more information on this fund, and how you can help with fund-raising.

Remembrance Run   P.O. Box 4026 • Traverse City, MI 49685-4026
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