Give a Gift/Help us Fund Raise




In an effort to maximize our fund raising efforts, we highly recommend participants gather pledges from friends, family members and colleagues. 100% of all pledge donations are donated to the Women’s Cancer Fund and are fully tax deductible. Incentive prizes are given to top fund raisers. The top fund raiser will be given a gift certificate for a local resort. 

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Those raising more than $2000/yr. will be welcomed into an elite club, the $2K Club.  Anyone raising more than $3000/yr. will be welcomed into the $3K Club.  All members receive a long sleeve pink shirt with their corresponding club embroidered on the shirt.  We current have two members of these elite clubs.

If you would like to become a fundraiser, there are a couple ways to do so.

1) click on the pledge form link.  Personally collect pledges from friends and family and bring your fund raising to the Remembrance Run.

2) Click on "Click here to Give a Gift" and highlight the link in your browser, copy, and paste onto an email you wish to send to all your friends and family.  When they click on the link, they can donate to the Women's Cancer Fund on your behalf.  We'll keep track of the donations for you.

Thank you for your support.

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