Frequently Asked Questions

How much money from registration will go to the Women’s Cancer Fund? 

Most of the overhead for putting on the Remembrance Run is donated by sponsors. 100% of the food provided at the event is donated my Munson Medical Center, Moomer’s Ice Cream, and Bud’s.  The site of the event is donated by Timber Ridge RV Recreation and Resort.  Vendors attending the Breast Health Fair donate all of their time. Random prizes are donated. Our primary expense is the purchase of apparel given to each pre-registered participant, leaving an average of 80%-85% donated to the Women’s Cancer Fund.

How much of my donation will go to the Women’s Cancer Fund?   

100%. Munson Medical Center administers this fund and does not charge any administrative fees.

Can I register the day of the event? 

Yes.  The cost increases after the pre-registration date, and shirts are available for purchase on the day of the event.

Do I have to bring pledges to the event? 

No, but we highly encourage participants to solicit pledges from friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.   Our primary goal is to raise funds for the Women’s Cancer Fund.   The more funds we raise translates into more local women being supported financially while they undergo treatment.

Can I bring my family with me? 

Yes.  All adults must pay a registration fee, but children under the age of 12 are free.  Men and women are welcome to attend the Breast Health Fair and speak with health care professionals.

Can I bring my dog? 

We do not encourage pet attendance.

Will the event be timed?


If I pre-register and suddenly have a conflict where I cannot attend the event, will I receive a refund? 

Because we are a fund raising event, we do not make it a practice to refund entries. 100% of your entry will be donated to the Women’s Cancer Fund.

Will I receive tax-deduction receipt for my entry? 

No.  Because we are providing goods and services to you for your registration, only a small percentage of your entry would be tax deductible.

Will I receive a tax-deduction receipt for my donation? 

Yes.   Donations over and above the cost of entry are 100% deductible and you will receive a receipt.

Is there a way for me to honor and/or memorialize a loved one who has been challenged with breast cancer?

Yes, participants can do a number of things to “remember” loved ones.  Stars are provided at the health fair and participants can fill in the name/s of those whom they wish to honor.

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